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Speaking About Interdependence between Home Cleanliness & Health

There is a strong correlation between home cleaning products & health. Cleanliness in the first place begins at home. Clean home in fact is also equally paramount to mental health & physical well being as well. However, cleaning home can be a daunting task. Garnering patience for cleaning everything from toilet to kitchen sink can be overwhelming. Nevertheless, end-result of maintaining a healthy home is worth the efforts taken.

 Types of Home Polluters

Homes are generally favorite dwelling places for countless viruses & bacteria, molds, pollen & dust mites. Therefore these toxins make indoors far more polluted than outdoor environment. Eventually these manifest themselves in form of running nose, itchy eyes & common cold. The connection between the dwelling & health therefore is a very important aspect of life.

 Ensuring a Clean Home

Ensuring a clean home will go a thousand miles. The first step towards this is to get rid of the clutter. Cleaning of the house can only begin after the home space is restored & freed of litter which is unwanted. All people staying under the same roof should contribute & share the task of keeping the ceiling, carpet & floor sparkling clean. Members of the household can be assigned the task of keeping their bedrooms spotless & for cleaning a specified area of the home.

 Create a Cleaning Timetable

Either the allotted responsibilities to the house members remain the same every week in the cleaning timetable or can also be changed on a rotational basis. Nevertheless, cleaning timetable can work as an effective antidote to procrastination in these circumstances. General rule however should be to clean the big things first like the flooring & only then move on to smaller things like the mirrors. However, busy families can avail the services of professional carpet cleaners in order to maintain a hygienic environment at home. Motivating children to organize scattered toys as corrective action will go a long way. Wiping the floor when someone walks over with wet feet will ensure that the cleaned areas of home remain clean.

 Cleanliness is Crucial to a Healthy Home

Cleanliness at home is crucial for health & well being of the entire family. Organized homes make everyone in the family happy alongside eliminating stress which is caused by the disorderly environment. People living in clean homes are usually hale & hearty & these germ-free surroundings are the best defense against illnesses. Clean environments boost concentration & organizational skills & make it easier to focus harder, study better & maximize personal outputs.

 Cleaning is Therapeutic in Nature

Cleaning imparts a therapeutic effect, especially when you are sad or under stress. Organizing, vacuuming & dusting can prove to be immensely calming for the mind when done in the right earnest. This provides a welcome relief from the vagaries of life. It is also good for your wellbeing as no one likes the thought of returning to a house where the desk is drowning in paper & the kitchen sink is full of unclean dishes. Clean & healthy homes definitely make this world a better place to live in for the present & future generations to come.

 Sirus Green is an ISO Certified Company

Sirus Green is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company. With a capacity of producing over 10 lac units per annum, the manufacturing plant utilizes the latest equipment & semi-automated processes for making disinfectants & sanitizers. With special focus on maintaining a green society, all Sirus Green products are biodegradable & free from toxins like phthalates, phosphates, ammonia, formaldehyde, heavy metals, 2-butoxyethanol & other known carcinogens. Quality raw materials that go into manufacturing our products are sourced from reputed & established suppliers across India.

Germinil Rose – Pleasantly Perfumed Floor Cleaner


This Sirus Greens’ Pleasantly Perfumed Floor Cleaner bears the fragrance of rose. Germinil Rose is an excellent product for cleaning tough stains. This floor cleaner easily removes stubborn residues alongside repelling mosquitoes. Germinil Rose is an excellent solution for cleaning hard surface floors like marble, granite, bathroom floors, wooden floors & others. The pleasant rose fragrance it emits lasts for hours after cleaning. Pleasantly Perfumed Floor Cleaners are also available in other fragrances like sandal, jasmine & herbal.


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